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Multilingual site - best solution?

I’ve tried this product and it has an important flaw:

When refreshing/loading the page, the Javascript takes a while to hide the text, so you first see the big chunk of text in all languages and, after 2 sec or so, the non-chosen language chunk of text hides and you see the website well.

Any way to solve this?

thank you
the best !

When creating static pages
I duplicate every page for each language
using folders
This provides a unique url for everything.


When creating dynamic pages…
I use 1 page for all languages.


Hi Revolution,
I do the same now actually! I sometimes wonder if this is sufficient for google not to penalize you for duplicate content though with the absence of hreflang tags. Do you, or anyone else know something about this?


Which product are you referring to?

Want to point to this – might be a good solution too:

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Hey guys I used multiple languages (workaround) in this website check it out:

Hope it helps for now.

Hi. I need to build a multilingual website, English and Spanish. From your experience, what is your recommendation regarding domain - use one domain with different subfolders for each language or use different domains for each language?

Thank you for your answers,

From what I’m read the absolute best solution is to use different domains for different countries. That way your using that countrys top domain and can easily work with language specific SEO. That solution is the hardest to maintain. Second best could be using sub domains like, also hard to maintain though. Depending on the site and if you use Webflow you could use folders, also a little hard to maintain if you have to make design changes but you have easy access to every page and work with language specfic SEO. Easiest to maintain is to use something like Bablic or Localize.

Hope it helps =)


Hi - this has been solved - basically a white page is shown while the text is translating for a brief second so users don’t see both languages. You can brand this white page if you wish, although it’s only visible for less than a second as the page loads.

Could you not just add the hreflang tag into the custom code section of the page? Maybe I don’t fully understand how hreflang works…

Hi Revolution! May I just ask how you went through the dynamic pages for several languages? Thanks!

too expensive, you could have used Welgot.

That seems expensive…

I’m new to Webflow, so I can’t tell anything about it. But I know that there exist website builders that allow to create such a site. For example, Webnode. Multilingualism is one of its main advantages. I’m sure, there are more variants. I can suggest checking for more details.

Hi I find it is an old post, but still want to add some comments for future reference.

For SEO purpose, you may use subdomains having both English and Dutch version on the same site, and have your Dutch version under a subdomain(for example, Besides, you may use hreflang tags to tell search engine your site structure of targeting multiple regions. You may read the post and find more details:

Additionally, for your multi-regional marketing, to better engage and bring local to visitors immediately, you may auto display correct language for you visitors. Geo Targetly might be the solution. It detects yours visitors’ locations by IP. You can easily set up rules redirecting visitors; each region can associate with individual URL, showing correct language. The service provides intuitive tools with no code required; Webflow is supported.


I found all current multilingual options to be expensive, when all I needed was a simple page translator, so I used Google Translate and jQuery to create a free and easy language switcher.

Check out the example I just posted:

I hope this helps those who need it.

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5 years later and this still seems to be impossible to do. Thank you, you’ve described it perfectly.