User item filtering with cms items and other eccommerce questions

Hi everyone,

I’m creating an e-commerce website for my client and they would like one page that shows all the products. They would like a section with check box filters for users to filter the products shown by type, colour, material and so on.

I was thinking about using the MixItUp jQuery to accomplish this, am I right to think that to install the plugin you need to add the code to custom code section in project settings? Or does it need to be installed at page level? Also how would I set this up with Webflow CMS?

Would I be able to link to the page showing all the products with a specific filter already set? For example on the homepage there is an advert for a specific brand, would I be able to link that advert to the products page, but already filtered to that specific brand, this way the user can still access the other brands?

Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

Sprint Studios

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