Multi-step form not working properly


I’m a new Webflow user having trouble with the multi-step form at the bottom of my page. Just for context, a Webflow developer helped to make the form but can no longer help. I’ve tried working around the form to no avail so would greatly appreciate any of your guys’ help!

There are a few problems with the form:

  1. I have to manually write/select something for all of the form components in order for the “Next” or “Submit” buttons, on the 1st and 2nd pages respectively, to be usable. Leaving the “Country” box at its default value (Hong Kong SAR) won’t make the button work.
  2. If I don’t manually select/write something for all of the form components on the 1st go, the button works after editing the components again a 2nd time.
  3. After pressing the submit button, the form doesn’t show the success message I wrote in the form settings but, rather, reloads the page with the form unfilled.
  4. After pressing the submit button, the form response is nowhere to be retrieved. I’ve updated the form section on the site settings to email responses to a valid address and have turned of spam filtering.

I’d also greatly appreciate any advice on adjusting the default values for both the “Country” and “Phone” form steps on the 1st page:

I’ve shared the read-only link to the website below but the form doesn’t appear to be working through that link at all - let me know how I can share a link to the website with the semi-working form.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Levitate Tutoring