My form is not picking up all the data

Hey guys

I am building a website for my client, they are a small artisan bakery.
I am trying to build a multistep form to enable their customers to order bread.

There are different types of bread, with different weight options, and prices, and I have build a script that adds and multiplies different types of bread with the prices, and then shows the final price to the customer, after which, the customer chooses the delivery option and date on step 2 and step 3 they enter their contact info and submit a form.

The problem is, all the information submitted in steps 2 and 3 are received via email, while no information from step 1 (the type of bread and the amount) is shown, se they basically can’t tell what their customers ordered.

Please help

Here is my read-only link, I would appreciate any help

Hi Dejan, you have a few options here.

One is to use a solution like Formly Pro which gives an attributes-based way to build multistep forms. You’d be doing a single form submit, which combines all of your form content into a single email and form record.

You could also build this entirely using custom JS, which is my preferred approach. It’s more complex but gives you the ability to do advanced logic, validations, partial-form-saves, and other useful things.

A third option is to abandon Webflow forms and use a 3rd party form builder like Jotforms or possibly Cognito, to design and build your multi-step form. The construction is easier, but the tradeoff is styling control.