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Separate domain name for each page?

Does anyone know if its possible to have different domain names for each page?
I have a customer who wants to target different regions of the country with different domain names so he is wants to buy around 6 or 7 domain names with different towns in the title i.e.,, and so on, he then wants to assign each domain to a unique homepage targeting that area.

I just need to know if this is possible in webflow or if I would need to set them up as separate websites or if anyone knows a better solution to the problem, any help or suggestions would be great.

Unfortunately Webflow doesn’t let you have parts of each website going to different URLs, each new homepage must be another site, what you can do is to route multiple URLs to the same site but
I am not sure how helpful that is…

Thanks @Arthur, yeah that’s what I thought. I suggested that to him but he wants each URL to direct to a unique home page.

Do you know if its possible to do this if its hosted externally?

@mattbrant1981 well if you were to export the site you could attach each “home page” to a different domain, and then duplicate all other pages across across all the sites which would accomplish the same thing.


@mattbrant1981 Interesting. I assume the client thinks that will help SEO…is that correct? This may be opening a can of worms but from what I understand that’s not actually all that helpful for SEO…possibly even a negative.

I have clients that target several counties and basically by focusing on the primary areas they want to serve in those counties they have had solid SEO success. Content focused on the areas should work. The sites are Wordpress sites but that shouldn’t matter as Webflow has the SEO component…and you don’t have to worry about the duplicate content issues.

I’ve just started with Webflow and the first site I launched wasn’t a good test because it was already on the 1st page in the market but I’m launching a brand new site with Webflow and am excited to see the SEO results.

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Yeah @jdesign that’s exactly what he is thinking, he wants to target each area with a different home page and url, to be honest I’m not sure what is going to be the best way to handle this project as he also thinks people wont use him if they realise he is only based in one area of the country and not in all of the areas he wants to target!

@mattbrant1981 Hmmm. Is he trying to target several states or cities around one area? If you search “is using different domain names to target specific geographic regions a good idea” there seems to be plenty of information saying it’s not.

Good luck!

It sounds like this strategy will do more harm then good. If they are worried about people not using them based on location, multiple urls wont solve that problem. Presuming that the potential costumer will want to find your clients address on the website, they will figure out quickly that your client is not located where the url suggests and I think this will create greater distrust in the brand.

What kind of service is your client running?

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Just spoke to the client again and he has shown me the site he would like to replicate that uses several contact pages which all have different locations and telephone numbers depending on what you search in google. So its all achieved by SEO and no need to buy any extra domain names or anything else complicated like that! Clients, who would have them!

His business is installing TV systems and ariels.
Thanks for your advice everyone.

@mattbrant1981 Well that makes much more sense!

Yes not good for seo to have diff domain names and landing pages as you describe. Ultimately if google figures out its all going to the same business it could even bring more harm than good plus the potential issue with duplicated content.
Sounds like the competitor is using geotargeting to dynamically update the page based upon the visitor location. Done well and correctly thats a workable strategy. If I was to make content specific to locations I’d probably make them as subdomains of the main domain and have the man domain be something seo friendly like, each of those would be treated by google as separate domains so again you’d want unique content to as much extent as possible.