Multi location trade fair web site - is Webflow the right platform?

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I am planning a website for a trade fair – the Fantastic Trade Fair (FTF). At first, FTF will have branches in 2 cities. In the long run, 5-7 cities is realistic. (Similar to TEDx conferences - one branding and concept, licenced to organizeers in different locations).

Let’s say Fantastic Trade Fair Gotham and Fantastic Trade Fair Springfield take place in 2021. Batman is the Springfield Editor, Homer is the Springfield editor.

Events and practical info will be completely separate. Some (not all!) of the exhibitors will participate in both cities.

Let’s say Acme, Inc. will exhibit on both cities. The exact same info can be used in Springfield and Gotham, since stalls are not numbered.

Batman could then add the info for Acme, Inc., and it shows up on the Gotham section. Later, Homer publishes the same piece of content (not a duplicate!) on the Springfield section.

My plan is to build the whole thing as one Webflow Project.

Does it make sense? If you have experience from webflow in combination with not-so-straightforward workflows, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Benefits are obviously maintenance and pricing. But what I’m worried about is Batman and Homer messing things up - deleting each other’s content, unintentionally publishing on each other’s site. Also, I’m worried about measures to prevent mishaps could make the CMS a pain in the a*s to use.

What if Batman wants to publish his section, but Homer is not ready? It’s not possible to publish only one section. When you click Publish, it publishes all CMS items.

It’s also not clear where the shared content lives. What is the slug for Acme Inc? /exhibitors/acme? Or /GothemCity/exhibitors/acme?

Maybe you should use Airtable as your master database, and then Batman and Homer can each have their own workflow to publish their views to the Webflow CMS. This would allow either of them to publish without touching the other’s section.

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