Best practice when building websites for multiple conferences/events within same brand

Hi all :slight_smile:

I am rather new to Webflow, and planning to set up webpages for multiple conferences , and I’m looking for some advice on the best practice for this.

All the 5 (might add more later) conferences are tied to the same brand. Let’s call it CONF. And then you have both regional and national events, such as CONF National, CONF City 1, CONF City 2 etc. So I want the main page to be the hub for all 5 conferences. It will have an overview of dates, a blog, video archive etc. For each of the conferences, the plan is to place them on subdomains: for instance. I want all of the conferences to be based on the same template. So my plan was to build a template and set up a new project for each of the conferences, and one for the hub, so 6 projects in total. There are some pros and cons to this approach, as opposed to doing everything in one project.

Simpler page structure
Template based design. Easy to add a new city/conference.

Higher cost due to added site plans
What if I want to change the template later on. Would I have to make these changes 5 times? (In one project I guess I could use global classes)

How would you recommend me to set this up? All within one project, or across multiple projects? Which considerations should I make in the design and setup to make it as flexible and efficient as possible for future updates and changes? Can I make universal changes across multiple projects after going live? Any other workflow tips?

I would greatly appreciate all input, and can add more information if needed. Thank you in advance!

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