Website with region specific content

I’m trying to build a multi-page website that does the following:

  • Allows to select of multiple regions (cities). Each region will have specific subdomain (,, etc).
  • Allows to show content specific for the region.
  • Allows to manage regional content using Webflow CMS. For example, here are a few use cases:
  1. Regional manager can create and edit content for his region. It will be published only on specific subdomain.
  2. Regional manager can find some interesting article in other region (subdomain) and then copy and publish it on his subdomain with some changes.
  3. Global manager can create content and publish it for several regions.

Is there any way to achieve my desired result with Webflow CMS? If no, I’m ready to consider alternatives (like connecting some third-party services).

Well, the simplest way is to create multiple websites for each region and point in your registrar the city1. to 1 webflow website, city2. to another. So region managers will have access to their websites via editor, up to 3 editors per project on basic plans. And Global manager will have access to all. You can sort direct links in navigation to navigate between websites. This is how I see it without and 3rd party solution. As maybe frontend can be sorted with some 3rd party solution, but defitnitely you cannot change Webflow cms for your needs and as far as I know your request is not possible in current CMS

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