Multi-language "work-around"

Hi all.

I really want to do my landingpage in multi-language. I am hoping people can help me out with a quick brainstorm with ways to do this :smile:

I have created it in US language here:

My idea is to

  • create a small link bar at the top with links to different languages
  • Export the final code and host somewhere
  • make copies of the index.html for each language translated and give them a unique url
  • link the language links to those url’s

Good or bad idea? How would you do it?

Another off-topic question: Will my Webflow form still work when I export and host somewhere else?

Many thanks

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I’d love to help you out with that! Contact me over Skype: nosek_xd so I could explain eveything. Once we manage to do that, we can show it to the forum :slight_smile:

Your the man @bartekkustra!

Can’t wait :smile:

I am in need of this too.
Can you briefly explain what type of method you will be using?
Can we just duplicate the export files and make one into another language and then link each other?

Thanks for the talk @bartekkustra

With chance that I might confuse people even more, here’s goes:

  • Same kind of process as the work-around to multiple pages

  • Bartosz saves/chops the exported html into 5 different sections as php files (described in the link above)

  • Then use the php INCLUDE function to populate the index.php file

  • Then adds - what I call - an extra part behind the saved/chopped php files, by putting in php GET functions from where the different content in the different languages is saved.

Hope I didn’t confuse more than I helped :smile:

I will for sure have a play with this tomorrow. I think I will start with a very simple/manual solution and then work my way step by step to the above solution:

  • Export from Webflow
  • Duplicate it and save under /DK/
  • Translate the content of dupe to Danish language
  • Make a “Danish” link on the website that links to duped file.

Thanks again @bartekkustra for taking the time.

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