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Multi Language Site issue

Hi Guys :smile:
I want to build a multi language site in 2 languages.
I read a few topics but didn’t found an answer who’s working for me.

So far I know now that i can duplicate each site manually and translate it & link it.
But what about the navbar? How can i fix it, so that there are two separate navbars for each language,
who also stays on the same page when the language is switched? Or is there a better solution?

I appreciate your help.
Greetings from switzerland
webflow is just awesome :smile:

You could just duplicate all your pages and translate them to the other language.

Then create a button which links to the other language homepage and you’re done. You do need to change all the links on your 2nd language pages to link to the 2nd language pages if you know what i mean.

Ok, thanks
But how can i create an individual navbar?

You can make a symbol out of the navbar by selecting the navbar and then clicking the plus sign under the tab symbols.

For example: You can create a navbar for the 1st language and then another for the 2nd language.


To add to this inquiry…

I have duplicated my pages and translated them into french. I added a new navbar symbol so now I have an english one and a french one.

My issue is, when I click the link to switch languages, I am always brought back to the home page. If I change the link, it changes on every page. I need to be able to toggle back and forth from english to french without leaving the page I am on.

This is especially difficult as I have 2 nav bars.

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Hey @cjeancouture thanks for reaching out! Since you’re trying to link to different versions of different pages this can get quite time consuming.

If you go through to each page now and unlink the symbols (as these elements are not supposed to be identical across the whole site with the language button implementation), select the “language button” and then link it to the appropriate page.

Please let me know if this helps. :smile:

I was hoping there would be a more convenient solution than creating a symbol for each page. Please add it to your suggestion box!

I guess I’d better get busy.

Thanks for your help.

You could also remove the language button from the navbar and just added it to the top of each page? @cjeancouture

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