Multi-Image Slider from CMS

How do I create a multi-image slider from CMS?

Any time I try to create it, I simply get a single image that slides over itself. You can view my current implementation here (a few of my favorite things section with the slider).

I saw this great template (Atelier Template) that has something similar to what I want to do but I cannot seem to figure out how to get more than one image.

Does anyone know how I can make my project look like the Atelier template? They have the images to the right that scroll instead of one image.

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hi @Felipe_Fernandes there is many ways to create this kind of slider (carousel) you can search Webflow showcases with keyword something like “slider cms” to find one that is close you have in mind. Most of these can be cloned to your account so you will be able to customised them to your need.

Didn’t even know that existed. Super helpful and I’ll just find something in there. Thank you @Stan.

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Hey @Felipe_Fernandes You can also try searching I curate the projects, so it’s only the best of the best search results :grin: Webflow Showcase Search Results

I’ll check it out @DuncanHamra.

Even with some of the clones, it doesn’t make sense how they get more than one slide on there. Some of them are without any custom code. I’d prefer to do it without custom code but I don’t see how they do it.

Maybe it’s not possible without custom code. I’ll try cloning one that I like and see if I can manipulate it.

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hi @Felipe_Fernandes the example you have posted is not based on CMS (you’ve requested) it is just standard slider. So before you choose one to clone make sure that slides have feed from CMS.

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