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Different Sliders on a CMS Template page (or CMS Slider?)

Hey guys,

I want to create my own portfolio. A grid of images from the cms. It was kind of hard but now it’s working. But I also want a slider on top of the page with the images from below inside. I googled a lot about it and it seems like that a CMS based slider or something equal isn’t implemented yet? If you have any suggestion please tell me.

So, I tried to do it manually. Same problem as I had before with my grid: Because I am working on the “Projects Template Page” (you can see it in my read only link) all the images I add to the slider are on every page I create for my portfolio (I want different categories on different pages). So, can’t separate them that there are only the pictures in the slider from the same page.

I hope you know what I mean, my English isn’t the best.

By the way: For the grid, I used multi references. Can I also use this for my slider? If so, please tell me how, because I can only connect the image inside the slider to the collection where it’s placed in, not with my multi reference.

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