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Multi Image Field - Pagination

Hi everyone,

I am having issues with the multi-image field and pagination. I can’t figure out how to enable, it is not an option on the collection list settings.

live example -

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @clevy, Chris,

The Multi-image field does not have a pagination feature, because the pagination is designed around numerous cms items within a collection.

You can however create kinda like your own with using a sized div block and change the overflow from visible to hidden or auto.

But since this is to be used in a lightbox configuration, you would be using pagination.

Hi, @WebDev_Brandon. Do you mean adding a Lightbox element to a Collection Item (Multi Image / Multi Reference) and just show the first element (changing the overflow on the parent) but linking all of them in the same Lightbox Gallery so if the user clicks on the first image, a Lightbox would appear with the rest of the photos?

@paco this is how I ended up handling it.

Looks good. I found this project on the Showcase and works amazing. I used it as the base and in 15 minutes I had a completely new slider linked to a CMS collection and that looked exactly as my website.

Take a look: