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Multi-Image Field in custom slider?

Is it possible to add image from the Multi-Image collection as a “field”?

Now I’m using just a normal image field:

Thank you! :point_left:

Hi @Gabriel_Hajdok,

I am not entirely sure what you mean?

Are you saying you want to take an image that is already in the Multi-image field and turn it into a single image field?

If that is the case, the answer is NO.

Yes, because I need to make a slider with 5 images, but I have no more field in my collection list to make 5 single image field. :frowning:

Hi @Gabriel_Hajdok,

Sorry for the late response. If you havent already figured it out, the multi-image field does not have that ability. You can add more fields to your CMS by upgrading to the Business plan. So you have used up 30 fields already?

@WebDev_Brandon hey Brandon, could you explain the point of the multi-image field if you can’t even use it in a cms slider? I’m currently trying to display a collection list where one of the dynamic fields is a slider with multiple images.


Hi @crustmag,

CMS sliders are not available yet, so I am not sure the direction you want to head in. You can fake a cms slider, by using a slider that would have a CMS collection within it. However, you are still limited to 20 CMS collections per page.

What I was referring to here, is that you can fake create a CMS Gallery using the Pagination feature for CMS collections and a Lightbox setup.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon