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CMS uploading more than 25 images?

Is it possible to upload more than 25 images in the multiimage field within a collection item?

Unfortunately not that I know of, multi-image fields have a 25 image limit.

Hi! not even upgrading a plan? like going business or something like that?

Nope, this is a limit of the platform that’s plan independent as far as I know.

What’s the use case here? Without knowing a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve it’s hard to recommend an alternative.

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Thank you: im designing a website for an artist representation agency. Each Artist ist a collection page and item and within it i need to show the respective images, but i need to show 35 images and not only the 25 :frowning:

Since your collection items only contain a handful of fields, why not just add a second multi-image field (ex: Image Set 1 and Image Set 2)?

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Woooow ! Thats the answer :heart::smiley: thanks a lot! It makes total sense!

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