Create Multi Image CMS Slider


I’m running a gallery in Stockholm and am creating a new website for it. The core objective is to showcase each exhibition. The exhibitions consist of information about the exhibition and one slideshow showing the installation images, and one slideshow showing the opening evening images. Please see attached image.

In the CMS I have created single image fields where I can upload an image in each field. Please see attached image.

I can then choose how many of these I want to feature by adding slides in the slider box. Please see attached image.

The problem though is that firstly, the amount of fields in the CMS become ridiculous (I want to show 15 images sometimes), and secondly I can have different number of images in each exhibition and because all exhibitions run on the same template, it doesn’t work because if I have, let’s say 5 images in one exhibition, then an exhibition with only 4 images leaves the 5th image/slide empty, creating a not so nice gap in the slideshow.

I’m wondering how to fix this, and if the solution is to use multi image field in CMS? But then, how do you do that? I have tried to find but have failed hard.

All the best,