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Multi-Field Search Mixitup - Only 5 References in CMS

Hi all,

You’ll be please to hear I’ve now managed to get the multi-field search working with Mixitup and in Internet Explorer 11 : ) @sabanna I combined 2 scripts from your original Mixitup tutorial and it seems to be working - even the checkboxes. Whoop!

My only issue now is that some companies need to belong to up to 8 sectors and we’re only allowed 5 using the CMS site plan. We can go to Business hosting to et 10 but I’m wondering if there’s an alternative solution as this is the only reason to switch up? I’m aware that multi-field references don’t work with the Mixitup plug-in.

Please see below link to work in very early progress of published and read only search function in action.

Read Only:

Any help much appreciated.

Kind regards