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🔍 Faceted search

Hey dear Webflow Community,

I’ve been searching the forum for this. Of course I’ve come across @sabanna 's great tutorials, but it doesn’t seem to be capable of what I’m trying to achieve. Or does it? My customer wants their website to have a search functionality that limits its search scope to one or more aspects of the results:

The user can define wether to search only within the product name or only within the art. no. for example.

Is there a way to work with Mixitup perhaps? If the filtering only happens on the results page, it’d still be ok.
@samliew I’ve seen you answering on a few of these questions. Maybe you have some advice?

Thank you very much.

Mixitup Multi Filter plugin does allow for text search on a custom attribute on all items.

Alternatively, you can use isotope’s Combination filters together with a custom string filter function (the “name ends with –ium” button for example).

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