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Mixitup3 - Collection with more than 100 items IE11 Issue

Hi @sabanna,

I really think this is the last question/problem I have on the Mixitup front! I hope!

I have more than 100 companies in the CMS so I’m using your workaround for moving items into 1 container. [TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filter and paginate Collections with more than 100 items

I have added your code to my existing code and it works fine in Chrome. However, when I got to IE11 the checkboxes I’m using to filter no longer work.

Snippet of code I have added.

const moveItems = document.querySelectorAll(’.to-be-moved’);
moveItems.forEach( function(move) {

Read-only link:

Live link:

Is there any change I can make to the code which will make the checkboxes work in IE11?

Many thanks in advance