Multi Column Slider like on Webflow Sites

Hi guys,

I came across this already several times but until now was not able to find the proper answer …

Webflow often uses multi-column sliders which I like a lot.
–> The ones that don´t have this gap(= “empty slides”) when you reach the end.

How can you build those in Webflow???

So, what type of slider do I mean?

Two examples …

1. on the Webflow Conf Site:

(the slider in the “FEATURED EVENTS” section)
–> they manage to make the slider stop once the last slide comes into view.

2. on the Webflow Template Site:

(the slider which shows the template images)
–> they manage to have a “real” infinity slide-experience (= 1st slider is added seamless at the and again without any interruption)

Also, both sliders are dragable on desktop, I am also wondering how to activate that in Webflow?

Would be very happy if you guys have some hints for me?

Thanks in advance!


Webflow conf is using swiper.js
Maximize is using Owl Carousel

Go for swiper, it well done and has a huge variety of configs, plus no jquery dependencies.

Hi @memetican ,

thanks for your fast reply! :+1:t3:

So to build a clean multi column slider, Webflow has to use external solutions – while advertising their own software/platform (WebflowConf)? That´s kind of a bummer I have to say (don´t get me wrong, I love Webflow – but that´s weird)

Do you know if swiper.js also works with having CMS-content in the slider? (currently I am using Finsweet’s CMS-Slider for that)

Thanks again!

Yes Swiperjs works with attributes. It doesn’t care what content you tag as long as the structure is legit. Collection lists work great for this.

Yep but to be fair, that’s pretty true for any platform. WordPress doesn’t build it’s own anything.

Think of it this way. Any time you ask for “no code” you are asking for a LEGO-like restricted feature set. Someone else does the coding for you, and hands you control in the form of configuration options. Have a look at the Swiperjs feature set, and then imagine what that would look like if you tried to recreate that in Webflow’s settings panel.

It has way too many options. It would be unusable, and the designer would be as slow as a barge.

However it does look like Webflow’s headed in a direction that accommodates richer, smarter components through Devlink and the planned ability to re-import those react components into your Webflow project.

Interesting times ahead, I hope.

True. I was just thinking since Webflow anyway has it´s slider component, it would also use it to build their own stuff. And yes, definitely interesting times ahead! Webflow is doing a lot to make the tool even better! Quite exciting!