Refusing to accept that there isn’t a native way to build a dynamic CMS slider without code

Hello :wave: First post to the group- need some to tell me if I’m insane or if this is actually possible. So I’m convinced that there is a way to build a dynamic cms slider without any code at all. My thoughts are, could you create a component inside of a collection list that has CMS override properties and couple that with a combination of an overflow hidden, an oversized wrapper that is set to not wrap AND ALSO not shrink or grow, and a trigger(s) element inside the component that tells its parent to move out of view in a certain direction and the sibling of that parent into view?

If by “dynamic” you mean CMS-driven, there are two favored approaches;

  1. Webflow Slider + Collection List + Finsweet’s CMS Slider lib

  2. Roll your own using a Collection List + SwiperJS.

You may find other solutions here too, searching the forum.

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Give this a look: Free Webflow CMS Sliders powered by Swiper JS | Flow Ninja

Both of those solutions still require code snippets to be used. I’m saying that I’m sure there is a no-code, native to Webflow way of accomplishing this.

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Finsweet’s is no code, have a look at the docs.

Swiper JS is much more powerful, and has a copy-paste init code block. I wouldn’t count that as “code” per-say, as you do not need to do any programming.

Thank you for removing it. Your post was not unwelcome- simply called out a problem you might not have been aware of.

To your overall question-

If you are attempting to create a “CMS bound slider” with zero code, zero libraries, zero third party tools, then you cannot build a complete solution. The closest you can get is to drop collection lists into your individual slides, constrained to a single item at a time.

That approach lets you display CMS bound content inside of your slides, but it is not a CMS-bound slider. The biggest limitation is that you cannot add or remove slides.

Keep an eye on the new Webflow apps capabilities, someone may well try to build a more integrated CMS slider solution if there’s any value in it.

TBH I think you could hypothetically do this with Webflow interactions, but it would likely be so unreliable and hard to set up that, even if you have ZERO code knowledge, you’d be better off just using Swiper.js

I can vouch for both the finsweet and swiper options - and agree that swiper is more powerful while finsweet is easier!

Sorry for the bump, but was just looking for a solution for a no-code slider as well, and noticed this.

Code is required for Finsweet. Its only a single line, but its enough to disqualify it from being used for the official Webflow Template library. Same with the swiper. I’ve used both for websites I’ve built for clients, but neither can be used for Template submissions.

So I think that means thats a nope. No CMS driven sliders for webflow templates.

Is this what you’re looking for?
Seems to be no code and works as advertised.
Let me know

Unfortunately, most of those solutions would not qualify as “dynamic” to me. You still have to create a collection list wrapper for every item in the colleciton. If you had a lot of slides this would quickly become very difficult to maintain. A truly dynamic solution would not require you to create multiple wrappers. It would be great if we could just declare the slide once then automaticaly have the mask populated with a slide for each item instead of a collection wrapper starting and ending at the index of each item in the list. With most of those solutions, removing an item from the collection could break the slider. This is super straight-forward when coding but very difficult to acheive with Webflow (bit of a trade-off). Looking into Swiper though and it looks very promising.

Update: Swiper works great!