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Multi Column Carousel Slider

hey guys!
i would love to build a multi column carousel slider in webflow. imagine three columns. but when you click on the right arrow only one column slides to the left at a time. is there a way to design something like that using the built in webflow slider?

please have a look at example 2 here. thats what i want to achieve.

i know that i could design something like that on my own using interactions, but it would be nice to have a workaround. that would take less time.

thanks in advance!

Hi watch the third experiment here (the slider with Jane Fonda pictures)

It’s nof far from what you want. Next and prev slides are visible. you get to that byt manipulating the mask of the slides, making it shorter in width and removing the overflow hidden property. You can clone the site to check how it’s made.

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Yep you’re right, there are benefits for using the Slider widget. Such as all the options in the Settings tab and a dedicated trigger for Interactions.

You’ll notice that the slider is made of a lot of nested elements, that makes it highly customizable.

i already did. but i was not able to achieve what i wanted. i made the slider mask overflow:visible and the slider itself overflow:hidden. then i made every slide 33.33% width. scrolling through the slider like that works for the first slides. but at the end you always end up with two empty columns.

Than you may have to resort to intereaction like I did, I don’t fully recall what I did exactly it was some time ago.

Please try again, looking at my example, and come back to report.

ups. i missed your first post. will have a look at it now!

My bad, with my double answer :confused:

thank you! that helped a lot!

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