Is there a limit on how much can be copied and pasted?

I’m trying to copy basically my entire home page over to a Landing Page collection template so that I can have the same info on my landing pages, with custom links for people who’ve been sent by a partner.

I can copy and paste individual elements (like an image) and the entire header div from my other pages, but can’t seem to copy my home page hero div or the page wrapper div (which would be ideal, since it contains everything on the home page within it).

Any idea why I’m unable to copy/paste some things and not others?

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m trying to copy the 2018 Page Wrapper from the Home page to the Landing Pages Template collection page.

Seems that it’s the “2018 Hero Wrapper” div that’s tripping things up. I can copy/paste each of the other divs individually, this is the only one I’m unable to copy and paste. It’s like it’s not even copying. I’ll either get a “the clipboard is empty” error when trying to paste, or it’ll paste the last thing I copied before that div.

Ok, figured it out. I had the two pages open in separate tabs, so it seems I wasn’t able to copy/paste that data across what Webflow sees as separate sites. Once I did it all in the same tab, it worked fine. So I guess there are limits to what can be copied/pasted cross-site?

Hi @Chris_Scott

I think this may be to do with having multiple instances of the same site open at the same time - I think @Brando @Waldo might be able to confirm recent changes on that front - essentially one of the sites needs to be the ‘source of truth’ if that makes sense?

With just the one tab open - you should be able to cmd+c and cmd+v (Mac) elements within the same project.

Also - don’t forget the option of ‘symbols’ so if you want to re-use that hero for example - take the parent div and make it a symbol - that will package things nicely for re-use. Drop the symbol into the new page - and if you want to make unique changes to it afterwards - unlink it.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply, @StuM! Couldn’t use a symbol in this instance because the Nav element within the hero is a symbol, so I’d end up with nested symbols, which I believe is a no-can-do.

Makes sense with the “source of truth” and whatnot. Thanks!


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You got it @StuM. If you have two tabs open, this can definitely cause some weird behavior. We strongly recommend against having two tabs with the same project open in the Designer because you can also lose hours of work this way — the Designer isn’t sure which changes to save.

Happy to hear you have it working now @Chris_Scott