Moving files from one project to another

I’ve divided my website into two and I have two designers working on files simultaneously.
I would like to merge my files from one project to another so at the end I have one project.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey everyone, I really need urgent help with this topic. Copy/pasting is not working and making it all part of a div does not work either - really need help urgently to bring it all together. Thanks

Hi @mwatman

Merging projects isn’t possible in Webflow, so it’s a case of one project being the master, and the other a project that you copy/paste elements from. It sounds a tricky workflow to me - hopefully you have clear style/class naming guides for both designers.

What Designer/Account plan do you have?

Which items or elements are you trying to copy/paste?
(make sure you have both projects open and use cmd+c / cmd+v (or ctrl for PC) to do the copy and paste).

Why does Webflow allow you to buy team accounts, pay for them and not allow you to have “teams” work on the same projects together. Isn’t this the main purpose of a team?

We’ve spend over a month working on webflow and paid for the team accounts and now we need to bring the pages together. This is an urgent project we need to deliver ASAP

There has to be a way!!

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Be sure to leave your feedback and ideas on the wishlist - there are a number of items around teams and collaboration there:

On the more pressing, urgent matter, copy and paste is the way - but as I queried above - which items or elements are you trying to copy/paste? Let’s see if we can help get you unstuck on that…

Also - you may be able to get a quick response before 6pm Pacific from if copy/paste is not working as it should…

I’ve asked for support@ help as well.
Reading the blogs about copy/paste is exactly how we did it and yet the pages can’t be merged together.

We need an urgent help as we have to launch a project we’ve been working on for over a month

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If you can provide both read-only links, and which element/s you are trying to move over, I can take a look and see if anything is amiss…

In the absence of those, i’ve recategorised this to Bugs so the team can investigate if there is a Copy/Paste issue. If you get it resolved over email, update here and we can close the thread.

I will- but it is not just moving some items. I have to merge 15 pages from two designers into the main project. The project is not using CMS but we are using lightboxes in some pages.

In the links you’ve sent below, the blog talks about “team collaborating” that you can duplicate projects and different teams members to work on separate sections of the same project. That is exactly what we did - now I need someone to guide us through how to bring it all together - quickly.

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Hello, @mwatman!

Thanks for reaching out to us, and we’re here to help.

While teams can certainly work on projects asynchronously, real-time collaboration inside of the Designer hasn’t currently been developed. However, this is definitely a feature I would love to see, and you could vote for it [and add your feedback] here.

More immediately, I understand that you’re having some difficulty with cross-site copy & paste. While we can’t copy or merge entire pages at a time, elements and groups of elements can be copied to an existing project. Can you tell us a little bit more about what happens when you attempt to use cross-site copy and paste?

Thanks in advance, and we’ll be standing by for your reply.

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