Combine separate projects into one single multi-file and page project...How?

Hello! I have an idea but I can’t make my brain figure out how to actually do it. Here’s the TL/DR…how do I take a project and move it into another project without losing any of my formatting? Currently, I’ve been going through each page and manually copying each element and pasting them into the project I actually want them to be in. This not only takes forever but I also then have to manually fix almost all of the design. I tried duplicating the project (which works as far as not having to fix anything) but that doesn’t make it part of the other project. I feel like this should be super simple and I can’t figure it out!

Here’s the long drawn out backstory…I’m brand new to Webflow and the world of web design so my “portfolio” consists of several sites I’ve made either as part of an Udemy class I took, sites I’ve made with the intent of improving existing (real) sites that I’ve found in the wild that could really use help, and sites I’ve completely made up just to try something out that I saw. I do have a paid Webflow plan but am limited to ten projects and have run out of space, forcing me to delete projects that I didn’t feel were “winners”.

I applied for a position that sounds like a lot of fun, and as part of my application, I did a super quick redesign of their existing site, and lo and behold they want to talk with me. While I was completing my application I thought I should include some of my dummy sites so they could see my work. I’ve made myself my own site to act as a portfolio but I didn’t like the look and feel of just including a bunch of links to sites that don’t actually exist. So, my idea was to create a project in Webflow and have each site as a folder within the same project and then share the read-only link. I couldn’t figure out how to do that so I wound up just sending them a list of links to the separate projects but it looked pretty janky.

These are sites that I’ve built myself, however, I have the same problem of having to almost completely redo sites that I’ve tried cloning. I guess I could see why cloning a site might cause some design shifts (although that kind of defeats the point of cloning…I mean, if I have to completely rebuild what I’m cloning I may as well figure out how to do it on my own using that site as inspiration). I’ve never seen anyone else complain about having to spend days reworking designs so it seems to me that I’m the problem. I would very much appreciate any helpful tips so I can stop wasting so much time.

I don’t think my read-only link will provide too much insight but [here it is]:frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hello Meli.
I never use templates for my designs. Why? Because then I have to reconstruct the builders mind set and workflow! That’s not what I am looking for.
Sure you can use templates for inspiration. But build it your way!
Also, many templates contain stuff you never use. I see many people use templates and get stuck because they have no idea what they are doing. Except copy and paste.
Make the project yours, it’s harder in the beginning, but it will pay out.

Thank you so much for the response Hans! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I was lost in the lead up to Christmas! I think I’m in agreement with you, that the best approach is to find inspiration but figure out how to do it on my own. As tempting as it seems to find a quick fix solution they never work out to be quick! And you’re right that you definitely learn more by building from the ground up. It also makes it easier to problem solve when you’re the builder because, in theory, that should make finding the problem a little less tricky, hahaha!

The real problem I’m trying to solve right now is how I can take all of the sites I’ve built (maybe 10 or fewer) and make an exact copy that can be put into a single site. Basically each site would become a folder on the site and from now on I would build my “play” sites there to be used as a portfolio. I know how to make a duplicate of my sites but the copy still exists outside of the single portfolio site I’m trying to create. I can continue to copy and paste each item individually but that means that I have to fix all of the wonky changes, which sometimes is super easy but other times it’s some deeply connected interaction or something and I can’t remember how on earth I did it in the first place!

But, thank you for listening to my gripes! I actually really enjoy Webflow and have so much fun winging it when I can’t figure things out. I have yet to not be able to figure out a solution to something I’ve tried to do. It may not be beautifully, clean code but it works!

Happy holidays to you!