Copy paste a page from one project to another / Merge projects

Hey, I have 8 freelancers making one landing page each for my website. They will be done by tomorrow (within 20 hours) and will transfer the site to me.

Here’s the situation: I would have 8 Webflow projects in my workspace, all having only one page. I want to merge them into one webflow project with 8 pages. I have to publish these pages as follows; .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ , .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ, .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ.

The copy paste functionality isn’t working that well and there are a lot of things that are being left behind. Will exporting the code and adding it as custom code solve the issue? The body section does not allow more than 10k characters, so I will have to use CDN (content delivery network).

Is it possible to have different webflow projects published to the same domain with different slugs? (This solution will be extremely expensive though, will have to buy a site plan for each)

What is the best workaround for this? Kindly assist. Hoping to hear from the community asap, in case there are any instructions I have to give the freelancers which can help.