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Move from Medium to Webflow CMS

We moved our blog from Medium to Webflow last month. Check it out and let me know what you think -

One of the reasons for the move was to move from sub-domain ( to a sub-folder format so all the content is under Webflow’s CMS makes it extremely easy to update and manage our content. Good to have the main site and the blog on the same webflow account now.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Cool and clean, good Disqus integration. Really if I have something to criticize would be that the body font is a bit thin and very contrasted, and as you’re using pure black for the text, it’s a bit aggressive to my (not so good) eyes. Medium uses a grayer black and that’s a bit easier for the eye. Very often I personally use #4A4A4A for text, it’s very soft. Example on your text:

How was the migration between Medium and WF? Have you been able to copy paste from Medium to Rich text in WF ?

edit: Medium uses black for text copy now

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Thanks Vincent. I’ll pass your feedback to my team.
Migration was not very straightforward. Export from Medium, import into WordPress and then export from Wordpress into Webflow :slight_smile:
We had around 430 posts! I am hoping to write a blog post about this and share it in a week or so.

I could ask a million questions but I’ll hold them up and wait for your post-mortem post :slight_smile: Will you try to update this thread with it if you can, so I’m sure not to miss it?

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Hey Vincent,
Here is the post -

Happy Reading! And let me know if you have questions etc.

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Thanks Sahil! Very detailed, great :slight_smile: