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CMS question from moving from Medium

So, we have a blog with around 200 posts - currently on medium. We also host our site with webflow and are looking to move from a subdomain ( to a subfolder ( I have been playing around with the CMS and it works well. A few questions:

  1. Do you think its a good idea to move 200 posts here? It is going to be a lot of work so I don’t want to regret it later. Basically, can the CMS handle these many posts?

  2. Is there an easy way to move from Medium to Webflow? Medium does not give a csv.

  3. We have a category called “Interviews” which has around 80 posts. I noticed that the CMS does not have pagination. On the collection page for this category I want to show only the 10 most recent interviews (can be done using limit) and then handle the other 70 without slowing down the page. Any ideas? Is it possible to have an “archive” link and then on that page show links to the other 70? Looking for the best possible solution.


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