Clean blog theme

Hi Webflow Friends :smile:

I have been around this forum for ages and have not had the chance to share any of my works.
Here is a blog theme I have been working on.

The aim is for beautiful images and clean reading, hope this comes across in the design.

Next up I want to see how diverse this theme can be, and crate a musician (band) design with this layout.
Just a note, this is not a completed design yet, still lots of work to do :slight_smile:


This is really lovely @daniel_cleayweb :smiley: my only recommendation is adding some kind of “Back” link or button on the blog post pages. Otherwise, excellent job mate!

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Really nice! Any plans on submitting it to the template marketplace? It would probably do quite well!


submit that to the marketplace!!! :heart:


@brryant @PixelGeek Thanks for the suggestion guys, i’m seriously considering it :smile:
I think I just want to add a few more awesome features and then maybe submit it :+1:

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Wow, very clean! Loving the style.

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Cheers man, I have been working on the theme for a while now, just trying to get the correct feel. One that allows everything to get out of the way and bring peoples great stories outs and share there amazing travels in words and images.

Love this template, but just noticed one small typographic thing: The space between paragraphs doesn’t feel quite enough to easily distinguish the break, especially when a graf’s last line runs the full length:

Could just be me : )


@jmw Thanks for pointing this out mate, totally agree, I have summited this for template review but will play with the spacing between paragraphs :smile:

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No problem! Good luck on the template review (as if you needed it)!

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