Mouse clicks stop working in Designer

After working in the designer for a little while, sometimes it just stops registering mouse clicks. I can’t select elements to manipulate, can’t publish changes… nothin’.

Here’s the console output I got the last time it happened (linked to a text file because it was too many characters to paste here) -

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Chris_Scott

I experienced this a little yesterday, however it was after quite some time working on a CMS and image heavy project which I find tends to improve by saving it, closing it, and re-opening it again.

Is yours similarly heavy, or are you seeing this with any of your sites?

Also, are you using Incognito/Private mode on Chrome/Safari ?
(recommended in case of extension conflicts)

Can you provide a screen recording for the Bugs Team, or is it freezing too much?

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