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More images limited to 5

Hey there webflow,

I’ve created a product page with my art kits but my Lightbox for additional images is only showing 5 when I have 9. Am I missing something big?

I haven been over the videos time and time again and I can’t figure out how to use this collection list properly. Thank you very much!

Alyce @ Alyce’s Art Studio

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Currently your nested collection lists are limited to showing 5 items but I believe with the F’n Sweet CMS Library you can get around this limit.


why are we able to upload 25 images in the product template but can’t show them?


to understand you right, we can build it correctly in the template page but can’t see it in a static page?

never mind, I apologize for bothering you @cyberdave

I reverse engineered web flow’s free product template and figured out what I did wrong.