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Limiting items on Collection List, But Showing All Items in the Lightbox

Dear Webflowers,

I got a question about the Limit function on a Collection List in combination with Lightboxes. For a client, I made a custom picture gallery for each product they sell in the Webflow eCommerce CMS. As you can see, this individual product has many pictures added to the custom gallery. For a better user experience, I limited the amount of items to 3. If you click on an individual picture on the product page, you will open up the gallery in a Lightbox View. However, I encounter one problem:

  • I can’t add a Limit to this Collection List while still show all items in the Lightbox Gallery. If I limit the Collection List to 3, it will only show 3 items in the Lightbox.

Is there any way to show just 3 items in the Collection List, yet have all pictures show up in the Lightbox Gallery? Much thanks in advance.

The actual page is as following:

The share link:

Kind regards,

Boaz Tepper
Learning webdesigner

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I would like to know too!

Today, I figured out a work-around!

Simple add two Multi-image Fields in the CMS. To one, you add the pictures you want to show on the page. My choice is to show three. To the other, you add all remaining pictures.

Then, create two Collection List Wrappers. Connect your pictures through Lightbox Link and Image items. Set the Display function of the Collection List with the remaining images to None. (Don’t touch the Display of the Collection Items themselves.) Connect all to the same Lightbox name and you’re done!