CMS lightbox not showing all mutli images

This is my preview link. – you’ll see I’ve got my CMS lightbox set up, all good, and it works on CMS pages (eg here), but this new pages I made, all the same components etc, for some reason it only shows 5 of the 9 multi images. Any ideas what that might be happening?

On the new page, why the problem is, the lightbox is under the main image, you can see the 5 images – on older pages, you can see the light box on the left under the main image, you can see it has 9 images.

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You are pulling your images in a nested list. In Webflow, nested collection lists are limited to 5 items.

Have a look at Finsweet’s CMS Nest if this is important and you want to load more.

Thanks for the reply Michael. I understand - and so on the CMS page it doesn’t count as nested, whereas on the new page it does. These limits are so frustrating - is there a popular way to work around this limit?

Yes, CMS Nest is the popular solution