Montserrat 400 Normal not displaying correctly in FF, Edge, IE

I am experiencing Montserrat 400 Normal not displaying at the correct weight when viewed in Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. It looks great in Chrome. In the other browsers, 400 looks heavy – even heavier than 500 Medium. Is this happening with anyone else? Any recommendations on how to fix it?

Here is the Read-only link

Here is a screen capture comparison between the four browsers:

Hi there!

Browsers can render fonts slightly differently since each browser has its own font rendering engine. While in most fonts these variations are almost imperceptible on others the differences can be more evident.

My suggestion would be to use a font smoothing method - here is an article that hopefully will be helpful:

Also, you might also take a look at these useful resources:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Nita. I tried those suggestions but it didn’t make a difference.

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