Incorrect font weights displaying

I’m currently using Montserrat on a new build and all font weights have been displaying perfectly up until I viewed it on my work PC.

On Mac/iPhone Chrome, Montserrat Thin is shown, BUT in Chrome on a Windows 10 PC, it’s defaulting to the 2 standard, free Google Montserrat fonts: regular and bold.

Below is an example of the site in Chrome on a Macbook Pro. As you can see, editing the code via Inspect Element does what you’d expect.

Below is in Chrome on a Windows 10 PC. And the same edit has zero effect.
The font weights are showing up incorrectly in the Webflow editor also.

Curiously, my colleague viewed it on their computer (Windows 7, Chrome) and everything is normal.

Preview link:

What’s going wrong here?
Pls halp. :expressionless:

Hi @quarshcreative

Thank you for reaching out and for bringing this to our attention! This definitely sounds like strange behavior - I’m looking into it now with our team.

When I have more information for you regarding this, I will post back here immediately :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your patience!

Thanks Brando, much appreciated.

At a guess, I started working on a new site idea and the full Montserrat family was available out of the box…

Is this a new addition to Webflow’s default library of fonts, and if so, is it possible that my uploaded fonts are interfering with them in some way? Could be a duplication error perhaps?

Odd that the common denominator in this instance is Windows 10 though…


We recently added in all Montserrat font weights to the Designer. This may be where the issue is stemming from.

We hope to have this resolved soon :slight_smile:

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I’m beyond stoked that you’ve added the whole family in. Such a great typeface.

Keen to hear what the Windows 10 issue stems from.


Hey Brando, any word on this?

It’s been a month now and this issue is still occurring.

I’m wondering if you think a CSS reset is required for this font…?

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Just checked my live code and I’m getting a string of inactive classes:

class="w-mod-js w-mod-no-touch w-mod-video w-mod-no-ios wf-montserrat-n1-inactive
wf-montserrat-i1-inactive wf-montserrat-n2-inactive wf-montserrat-i2-inactive
wf-montserrat-n3-inactive wf-montserrat-i3-inactive wf-montserrat-n4-inactive
wf-montserrat-i4-inactive wf-montserrat-n5-inactive wf-montserrat-i5-inactive
wf-montserrat-n6-inactive wf-montserrat-i6-inactive wf-montserrat-n7-inactive
wf-montserrat-i7-inactive wf-montserrat-n8-inactive wf-montserrat-i8-inactive
wf-montserrat-n9-inactive wf-montserrat-i9-inactive wf-inactive"

Any chance this has something to do with it? I’m unsure what to do with this info.


Hi @quarshcreative

Thanks for reaching out again about this. No word yet, unfortunatley.

However, I will pass this new info along to the team, as it is definitely useful. :slight_smile:

Please keep the feedback coming - we read and log every update so if you run into more strange behavior, please let me know.

When there is an answer on this issue, I will be sure to post back here!


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