Monthly subscription Price Increases [A/B testing only by Webflow]


I just recommended my friend to use Webflow for his new freelance business. I told him to buy an annual CMS site plan to save money.
I sent him the pricing page for webflow that said that it would cost him 16$ a month if paid annually, which is the offer i can get (within the admin)

After he created the account, I told him to upgrade the site plan from a free site plan to a CMS site plan.
But then the price was very different. Now, the price was 19$ a month when paid annually. I thought he was doing something wrong, so I went and created a new account just to make sure. On my newly created account, I could get a CMS site plan for 23$ a month when paid annually.

What is happening here? This doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t see a price discrepancy on existing accounts. Maybe they raised the price on new ones? Reach out to Support and get an answer. Please let us know what they say.

Thanks - I just did. It’s weird, both his account and my test account were created within 30min of each other. I’m crossing my fingers that they will answer soon - I promised to build his site today.
I will let you know what they say.



Webflow will increase prices in the coming months.

Webflow support team replied:

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Seems like they are sneaking in a price increase without updating the pricing page. I would have expected an announcement, not random changes.


Hi Jonatan, Emily from Webflow here :wave:

We wanted to take a moment and provide some clarity on the pricing test that your friend experienced when signing up for a new Webflow CMS plan.

We recognize that A/B tests can sometimes create alternate experiences for different users on our platform, and thank you for raising this concern. It’s through tests like these that we learn how to best serve you and the community.

If you are a new or existing user without a paid site plan, you may experience alternate prices on the pricing page and/or checkout flow. These prices are a test, and will not impact the actual price charged for your subscription.

When checkout is completed, we inform the customer of the payment with a success screen which will show the actual amount (current price) they were charged.

For any and all pricing changes, Webflow will always communicate directly to our customers. We recognize that price changes can affect our customers and their businesses and therefore we are committed to ensuring our customers and community are always notified in advance of any widespread pricing changes.

The community has and continues to be the driving force behind Webflow, and want you to rest assured that no pricing changes will ever be made without notifying our community members.

We hope this helps to better explain this experience.
– The Webflow Team

Hey Jeff!

Emily from Webflow here :wave:

Just wanted to follow up directly. We’re currently running an A/B test for new and users without a paid site plan. These prices are a test and will not impact the actual price charged for the subscription.

I’ve posted a longer explanation below :slight_smile:

Hi @Emily_Lonetto ,
This is still confusing to me. Are you saying that if someone purchases a cms hosting plan (labelled at $23/mo) they will get a success screen at checkout saying it really only costs them $16/mo? Who does this help?

The price at checkout from my Agency Workspace account still shows $16/mo for cms hosting. Will this remain for users publishing from Workspace account or should we expect the same increase soon? Or maybe the idea here is that Webflow wants Workspace account holders to host sites for clients vs. transferring a site to a client? Apologies if there’s an updated article on the subject.