Webflow just got more expensive

Basic Hosting was 5 USD - now it is 15 USD
CMS Hosting was 15 USD - now it is 20 USD

I also pay 85 USD for team (just 2 people). No more global CDN, only for business. (45 USD per month!)

Am I supposed to start getting worried?

Yes, Webflow got more expensive, but I still think the pros surpass the cons if new features still comes in the same rate as nowđź‘Ť My only worry is if Webflow does a Pixate and is suddenly sold and then disappears.

@mayhemonger Yes, it got more expensive. Everybody was made known of this a month in advance.

@Christoffer The CEO of Webflow said that he does not plan to sell Webflow anytime in the near future. Hope this helps. :wink:


Old pricing for CMS (monthly):
CMS hosting - $10
editor branding - $5
SSL - $5
Extra CMS items - $10 (per 500 items)
Extra Collaborators - $6 (per extra seat)

New pricing for CMS (monthly):
CMS hosting - $20
editor branding - $0
SSL - $0
Extra CMS items - $0 (up to 2,000 items)
Extra Collaborators - $0 (up to 3 seats)


Did CMS hosting per month just drop $5??

I hope so :wink:

not sure what you mean. but here is a screenshot from https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans

I think the last two days it was $25 p/m, now $20

Thanks @PixelGeek, but what about CDN? There are mixed messages on your site.

So you say that CDN is North America and Europe and Global CDN is 150+ Countries.

Being a regular on this forum, I see people from India, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia (Asia Pacific).

You cant really be giving us CDN for NA and Europe. I think that should be provided as a choice in this case. Your CDN provider should be able to hook you up to enable this as a switch in Hosting Settings.

Paying an additional 300$ per year to cover my region is supremacist policy from Webflow, Webflow I would assume, is a Global Tool so why is CDN coverage only Europe and NA. Internet is everywhere else too LOL!

what about Team Plans.

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this kinda resonated with me as well…

  • especially being that both companies are Y Combinator alumnus

everytime webflow does this pricing structure change…

  • it disrupts the entire Webflow community.

get’s me a little worried.

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Hi @Revolution, the team plan pricing was lowered to $35 per month if paid on annual billing, and remains the same at $42 on monthly billing. The features of the team plan have been upgraded to allow unlimited, unhosted site projects on the dashboard (the old limit was 100 sites per seat).

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more than fair price…
— especially considering


Unlimited - unhosted sites fits right into my needs. I do a ton of proto-typing.

Sometimes we don’t get a project… but we we want keep the ideas we created in the project “alive”.

This provides us the ability “tinker” and to leverage old work.

When does the unlimited / unhosted site features begin ?
I think I’m about to hit my 3rd year with Webflow ? (in February ?)

I tried to create a new test site last night… and was hit by the 100 site limit.

[quote=“Revolution, post:12, topic:36881”]

which comes to $420 a year Are you sure it's $35 ?[/quote]

$420 / 12 months = $35 / month if paid per entire year.

Hi @Revolution, it is immediate, and we are working on a migration script to adjust the limits.

If you are hitting the limit max, send me a PM with the email address associated with your account, and I will increase the limit manually.

Hi @revolution, yes $35 per month, per seat, if paid annually. There is a 2 seat minimum for the team plan.

ok - @cyberdave - you answered what I was trying to figure out.

I always pay annually.

$35/month = $420/year… per seat… with a 2 seat minimum

  • so a Team Plan will cost me $840/year minimum.

I didn’t actually realize I was paying for 2 seats.

  • and I don’t really need a 2nd seat… I mainly work alone.

I was questioning the $420… because my current plan cost me

  • $936/year
  • or $78/month
  • or $39/month/seat.

Knowing now… that there are 2 seats available… (not just 1)

  • I even more - recommend adding folders into the dashboard.

It’s difficult for 1 person to manage the dashboard (if they have a lot of sites).

I would think it’s nearly impossible with 2 or more people (without the use of folders).

My current subscription (Team Plan) ends on January 25th 2017, 7:32:31 pm

@cyberdave @bart @PixelGeek Can we please get some clarification around the CDN? I am from Australia, all my clients are from Australia, Yet I feel like I’m paying a bucket load of cash and still don’t get full CDN for my area? I have to pay $45 month? “Business hosting” to get locally served sites? How is this a CDN then? Over half, the world’s population is not living in America and Europe and you just made us pay over double in hosting?? Awesome!

You can try and sell that idea to my clients! Oh hey valued clients of mine, sorry to say but please pay another $25 on top of your current hosting bill. Oh, and you can’t even upload a pdf? If you want to charge premium then we need all the basic functions of hosting.
Client: Yeah that sounds amazing… NOT!

I don’t understand and I kinda feel cheated! can you please provide more details on why you charge $45 for this? Maybe I will understand where Webflow is coming from?

PS: I do love you Webflow.

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The CDN coverage is below:

Frankfurt (FRA)Operational
Amsterdam (AMS)Operational
London (LCY)Operational
London (LHR)Operational
Stockholm (BMA)Operational
Paris (CDG)Operational
Frankfurt (HHN)Operational

USA here

North America
New York (JFK)Operational
Ashburn (IAD)Operational
Atlanta (ATL)Operational
Denver (DEN)Operational
Chicago (ORD)Operational
Miami (MIA)Operational
Dallas (DFW)Operational
San Jose (SJC)Operational
Los Angeles (LAX)Operational
Seattle (SEA)Operational
Boston (BOS)Operational
Toronto (YYZ)Operational
Minneapolis (MSP)Operational
Montreal (YUL)Operational

If your in Asia like me your outta luck:

Auckland (AKL)Operational
Wellington (WLG)Operational
Sydney (SYD)Operational
Melbourne (MEL)Operational
Brisbane (BNE)Operational
Perth (PER)Operational
Osaka (ITM)Operational
Tokyo (NRT)Operational
Singapore (SIN)Operational
Hong Kong (HKG)Operational
Dubai (FJR)Operational

All of the above is not available unless you fork out 20 usd more. It’s as simple.

I just had to juggle a lot before doing this. You wouldn’t believe the pingdom tests from Australia and USA - check it out.

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