How to make a different link page

I am using the template named ‘Uncommon’, I have a problem with the home page, there are three projects. I want to make a different link page which is not in the webflow website, when I click on the one “view project” text link of three projects. But I found that I change one the others will be changed to the same. So could you help me what can I do this? Thank you so much.

@emma_yu welcome to the forum! I had a look at the template and saw that the link is pulled in from the CMS. The easiest way to go about this, is to duplicate the link and then change the link. This way you’re able to change that one link without affecting the other links. Do the same for the description since that’s also being pulled from the CMS.
Oh, and make sure to add your read-only link in future forum topics. That makes it easier for us to see what’s going on :slight_smile: .

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@sarahfrison Thank you for your info and help. I get it!!!:rofl:

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@emma_yu glad you were able to make it work :slight_smile: