Modify/Delete Dashboard?

Hello. Every time I publish my website Webflow takes a screenshot of my website for the dashboard. This creates fake traffic in Google Analytics. I would prefer if this did not happen, as it does not make sense to me to have all of these “fake” stats littering my Google Analytics from “Santa Clara” California on a daily basis.

I am not interested in adding comparison filters. This is not a solution. I want to eliminate this from happening. Has anyone successfully found a solution? This problem us very frustrating, and Webflow support does not help, they just say you cannot block their IP address in Google Analytics and to compare a comparison.

I am looking for some sort of custom development feature so that I can remove the dashboard images, or eliminate the dashboard process entirely if needed so that this does not happen. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It is mind boggling how Webflow created a massive web development platform and then ignore such a small thing such as this… fake traffic to your website every time you publish it, to simply make a screenshot in a dashboard? Does having a screenshot really matter that much?

Unfortunately I’d be surprised if there’s anything you can do to stop this process — this is how the platform was built and it’s super useful for folks like myself who have lots of projects in their dashboard.

Why don’t you just filter out the “visits” in question from your GA metrics? I’m by no means an expert when it comes to working with the data, but if you know which IP is creating the screenshot in your dashboard you shouldn’t block it — just remove it from the data you’re referencing: