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Modal Window pulling dynamic data not showing


I’m trying to create a pop up window to show some app screenshots. In the modal window that pops up when you click ‘screenshots’ there are 3 tabs each holding an image, the images i’ve setup in the collection under products, under gallery images.

The instruction is get BG image from ‘gallery image 1’ ‘gallery image 2’ and ‘gallery image 3’ from products collection.

The images aren’t showing though. Any ideas?


Hi @AMDD, Try setting some height on the class for the element where the BG image is used. It has no height and does not display when you have an element, with BG but no other content.

I tried to look at the preview link, but it looks to be not valid, could you re-share the link?

Hi @cyberdave

Thanks for the reply.

That’s weird here it is again.


If i set the height how does that scale on different screen size? I was hoping for it to be set to auto and then scale appropriately.


Thanks @cyberdave i can see my images now and i’ve set the height according to the device.

Obviously on mobile phone the screen shots are tiny. Is there a way to enable scrolling so that when you pinch zoom you can pan across the screenshot?

I’ve clicked on scrolling on overflow, but doesn’t seem to be helping.