Popup not woking properly

Hello guys,
I am trying to create a popup on click event inside CMS to open PDF viewer in my webflow site.
So I have a section called case study(Vyrnt) in home page. It’s connected to CMS and I want the PDF to show when I will click on that container. Currently I have made a popup modal which should be full screen in ideal scenario. But now that container with name(Popup_casestudy) is in fixed position which is relative to body “Crossed checked multiple time” & the parent container is in static position.

The Issue is when I try to open it in browser or preview it’s somehow opens in that container not in the entire screen.

I need help in that particular part to show that popup in entire screen.
note: Interaction is still not added just trying to figuring out why this happening.

Read only link:
Click Here to Preview

No way to help. Maybe add a screenshots of your issue.

Popup_casestudy fill the entire screen (Add overflow: auto **for scrollbar).

You set the Popup_form height to 70% (Change to min-height to avoid overflow issues).

It’s look something like this.