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Modal not working properly

Hey guys/girls,

I’m trying to create a modal for staff on my website that fetches image and text from a CMS/collection list. I’ve managed to get the modal pop-up to work, but it fetches info for the wrong person, and doesn’t centre itself on the page and stay centred (absolute) as it does in the webflow editor.

It appears to be opening all of the modals on the page at once, with the very last one being the one that is displayed. Perhaps?

Here’s the offending page (scroll down to the staff photos):

Here’s the share/read only link:

Anyone got any idea why this might be?

Thanks anyway guys. Will keep looking.

Hey @Macker !

Sorry for delay. Every-time I open your project, my chrome and or Safari shit’s itself on the about page. So I can’t really see what’s goin’ on there. I assume you are using hidden div block ( which is your modal ). Anyhow i quickly scrambled a functional IX2 interaction CMS modal. ( Please ignore design - as i made it just so you can understand the setting )

So here are some stuff that needs to be where it is - such as Closing Modal, and the modal itself.

My structure is this :

< CMS Wrapper >

< Close button ></ Close Button> <- _click to close button and modal_

<CMS ITEM> <- _Interaction - click to open button and modal_ 

note that i have chosen on interactions to affect children, otherwise it will open all of modals inside cms-items

  <Your Team card> Your images, stuff, text </ Your team card>

  <Modal> Images, stuff, bio , etc </Modal>

</CMS Wrapper>

Live preview :

Project (CMS Page):

You can take a look here Waldo’s explanation:

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! I will have a look at it as soon as possible.

I wonder why you’re having a problem with the about page? Works fine here on mine and my colleagues PC’s.

Hi @Throatscratch ,

Is there any reason the close button can’t be within the modal?

[Edit] No matter what I do, whether I have the close button just under the body, or whether I nest it in the CMS Modal - I cannot get it to close the modal. I really don’t understand where I’m going wrong. The open works just fine!

[edit2] I changed the close interaction to a legacy interaction and it works now. Not sure why that should be.

Thank you for your help.