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Mobile menu scrolling issues, Chrome & Safari

Hi all,

Usually, I am the one helping but I am totally at a loss with this mobile scroll issue.

I have tested it in browserstack on iOS, on different browsers and still have the same issue. I think I am missing something and I am just too tired to see it.

Any help is appreciated? I have included my Share link below and here is the current live link:


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @WebDev_Brandon,

Yeah there is another user with the same problem on the forum. I checked his site on two iphones, iPhone 7plus and iPhone Xr, and I found no scrolling issues at all. I did the same thing for your site and on the iPhone Xr and 7plus looks exactly as it looks on the designer. No scrolling issues. I tested on Safari too and no issues either. What model did you use to test on browserstack?

Hey @WebDev_Brandon,

I also just tested on the iPhone SE that has a very small screen and again, no scrolling issues.

Man this sucks. I tried XR and my 6S and have nothing but issues.

Grrrrrr :exploding_head:

Hey @WebDev_Brandon, this is very weird. You are not the only one with this issue. I wonder what is the culprit. Are you using the iOS 13.1.3?

Hi @Pablo_Cortes

my phone is on 13.1.2

and the XR I was testing in browserstack was still using 12.

could those be the culprit?

I like to test on as many devices as I can, but maybe I went back too far in versions.

Hey @WebDev_Brandon, I tested on an iPhone 7 plus with iOS 12.4.2 and an iPhone Xr with iOS 13.1.2 and worked fine on both. So the OS doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Ok. Then it has to be on my end. Thanks for thoroughly checking it out for me.

No worries @WebDev_Brandon, please let me know if you find a solution for this issue.