Mobile site too wide, Navigator off screen

Hi all,
I’m running into a mobile optimization issue with my site redesign. I’m not an expert in webflow or web-building but I’ve interacted with various web-builders and HTML throughout my work, so please bear with me as I’m the most annoying kind of novice, one who thinks they know something.

My company has had a fairly simple webflow site for years and we’re rebranding a little bit and I thought I’d get a bit more daring in the design. However when I publish my mobile site, things at first look good but the navigator is off the right edge of the screen. Then you realize there’s just this whole width corridor on the right hand side, and any responsive elements are not properly sized because of this extra space.

What you see when the page loads.

Scrolling to the side to find the navigator.

I looked into this before and I’ve seen a lot about overflow, and I know I have a lot of elements that are not directly centered but pushed to that side. I experimented with the overflow settings from each individual element, all the way to the just the “Body” but never managed to close out that space. Also this only seems to happen in vertically oriented mobile, every other version works fine.

I’m at a bit of a loss at this point, and I’m hoping someone with good webflow eyes might be able to spot the culprit, assuming I’ve identified the problem at all. You can find my Read-Only below and a publish link if you want to look at the mobile site’s issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Hoot Owl Media 2.0
Please forgive me for what I’m sure is not a well organized navigator in this project.

Published Site:

Thanks! - Garrett