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Navbar help with mobile view

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On a mobile device my Nav bar seems to be looking off compared to it on a computer view it looks fine. I’m not sure what I pressed that disrupted it, but can some one help with arranging it back so on a mobile it looks proper ?

Hi @Nicholasbee1,

Thanks for the the post, I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the nav menu rendering on mobile. One issue I can see is that there is some horizontal overflow on the site that is creating whitespace that causes mobile layout issues on the published site.

You can tell overflow if you can scroll the design from right to left in the designer. Overflow is caused by elements in the design that extend beyond the body viewport. I took a look and can see at least one element set to 300% width of the body:

09 PM

On tablet and below, I would set that to width to auto or 100%.

I hope this helps.

The actual nabber, seems to be giving me issues. On a mobile view it doesn’t run into the 3 lines. the words for each page become jumbled on top each other

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