Issue of Nav in Mobile viewport not lining up properly?

Hi, I’ve tweaked each viewport, but the mobile view is for some reason giving me an issue.

It seems to have the header Navbar, extend out over 100% of the div, even when I tell it not to?

NOTE* This is a sticky floating navbar, so its suppose to stay on user scroll, here are some screenshots that should explain visually the issue I’m having

This is how its suppose to look al cleaned up 100% of viewport

Any help would be appreciated, much thanks :wink:

I’ve made it a public link so you can see my visual code >

The page is the second one down below home called > Upgrade to Magento 2 today!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

You can resize the viewport in the designer to make sure your site don’t bug at any mobile device size

You have some text that’s too large for small screen, pass its width in %

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