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Mobile Scaling always a little off

Hey guys,

I can’t seem to figure why there’s always a little empty space left over on the right side of the mobile versions of my websites. There’s always a little space left over. I adjust all containers and sections to be 100% but this happens every time. I’m trying to do it in a way where I don’t have to change the overflow.

This is a problem that I often encounter on many of the websites that I design and I’m beginning to think that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way I do it.

Any help would be great only on the homepage at the moment.

[1] Here’s the website on webflow:

[2] Here’s the live link

Hi @edurigo and welcome. Your issue starts on tablet as link has width: 100vw so is extending your body. The best way is it to set 100% or Auto. You can also se your parent element to overflow: hidden but …

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Thank you so much for the help and the diagram. :+1:

That was definitely a good catch, but it still doesn’t work properly.

HI @edurigohere another part of your homework. The problem is on all numbers in this section.

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Dude you’re awesome. How are you able to find this so fast? :sweat_smile:

pure luck :shushing_face:
If you do not have further questions related to your issue feel free to close your request as solved

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