Extra space on the right on Mobile portrait

Hi, can someone please help me fix this. I have extra space on the right only in my Mobile display. I tried Overflow: hidden and it looked good on webflow but when I looked at the website on my phone there was the extra space there plus the content was cut off for some reason. I would really appreciate the help.


It’s this:

I switched Overflow to hidden for that paragraph but still got the same thing

Overflow hidden isn’t going to do anything when applied to the overflowing element. Use overflow hidden on the container / div the overflowing element is inside of.

However, that will just cut off the stuff that is overflowing. Instead you need to go into every overflowing element and set the width to auto or a percentage. This way it’ll be responsive.

There are many elements that are overflowing, not just the one screengrabbed. They all have static widths that are larger than the containing divs. You can see them all by going into mobile view and then scrolling the visible area to the right, then hovering your mouse over everything sticking out.