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Mobile optimization - change elements

How can I change elements to be on mobile portrait only . I saw in old webflow tutorial on YouTube a year a go bit I can’t see the setting atm… please need some help !!:facepunch:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, @marcos_goncalves. In new version of Webflow you can do it easy too.
Step 1. On Desktop version set to your element Display: None

Step 2. If you want to show element for example on mobil Portrait so just go to portrait version and set (Display: Block/Flex/etc.)

That’s all :v::blush:

That’s cool… but how can I change some element on mobile portrait only and doesn’t affect the desktop view

Just apply effects what you want on mobile Portrait and they will only be visible on the mobile version. Can you send a Read Only link to substantively show what you want to do?