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Mobile landscape affects all other views

Hello everyone

My name is Lukas and I’m pretty new to Webflow. I have seen almost every course and already know how to use it in a proper way. Anyhow, when I’m making adjustments in mobile landscape or on iPad for example it changes desktop as well. Does anyone know how this is possible? Because I thought that they said in the video’s that changes on smaller devices would not affect the desktop version for example.

Is it maybe because I am still using the free version? Pls let me know something about this when you have experienced the same problem and how you fixed it.


read only link:


it should work correctly in every version of Webflow, free or not. I tested making a button text color dark on mobile landscape mode on your site, and it seems to be working correctly. Could you give an example of something that’s not working?

Hi Robingranqvist

I just understood that you can only change the lay-out/styling. That was my problem because I was changing content instead. Thank you SO much for the quick reply!

The only thing that bothers me now is where I can find the panel to chose whether the content is only visible on mobile for example. I have seen it many times in videos by other people but I think due to new versions of Webflow it might be in another place. In the videos it’s just beneath the editor but as you can see on my photo it’s not there. Do you know where I can find this? Kind regards :slight_smile:

There are some elements you can choose visibility in the element settings (shown on your picture) but some elements needs to be set to “display: none” under the layout setting like so:


Great, it worked. Thank you once again!
But how do I manage to get the text I want to on mobile landscape without showing this in desktop mode for example?
Thanks in advance!

Keep it “display: hidden” on desktop and “display: flex” or “display: block” on mobile landscape for example :slight_smile:

Oh okay, thank you very much Robin! :slight_smile: